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    Preliminary Landscape Planning
    •    Site Survey including verification of existing elements and dimensions, location of water and electrical
    points of connection, air conditioners and down spouts
    •    Preliminary computer assisted 3D Landscape Plan will show all elements of the design, i.e,fireplace,
    arbors, trellises, walls, benches, gates, steps, trees, shrub masses, and turf.
Design is the first step of a great landscape and we specialize in targeting your needs to ensure that all
aspirations are met. We start with a good basic site analysis and an accurate measurement of your property.
This gives us the opportunity to visualize and generate creative ideas about function and design concepts
which are unique to every property. With 40 years of combined experience, Ameriscape excels at designing
landscapes to fit all your needs  as well as your budget. To ensure that the properties needs are also
recognized and addressed, at the beginning design stages, we conduct the following procedures for every

        Construction Layout Plan calling out dimensions, materials, patterns, fireplaces, arbors, trellises,       
    ponds,walks, pilasters, fences, walls, benches, gates, steps, pots, and new drainage.

    •    Irrigation Plan calling out type of materials, locations, sizes and soil amendments for trees, shrubs,
    ground cover, seasonal color, vines and reference to details.

    •    Planting Plan calling out species, locations, sizes, and soil amendments for trees, shrubs, ground
    cover, seasonal color, vines, and reference to details.

    •    Lighting Plan including fixture type, manufacturer, combinations and connections to establish quality
    of all construction elements.

    •    Provide completed documents for review by the owner, association and city.
    Typical Documents
    Design works